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Guided by a competent team of highly-qualified engineers and experienced project managers, we offer a comprehensive service portfolio that covers the ever-growing engineering sector demands. Our services are fully customized and can be tailored to meet specific client requirements and budget. Our services are supported by modern technological tools and resources, deep scientific knowledge, and extensive and valuable industry experience.


Civil Construction projects are usually large-scale, where a lot of professionals, manual workers, and tools and technologies come together to create sturdy and long-lasting concrete structures. Because of their comprehensive nature, they are also usually hard to manage. Construction project managers are usually slowed down by the difficulty of having sourcing different materials and services from different vendors. It is therefore that a company such as Innovative International makes up an ideal partner for your construction or civil engineering projects. Innovative International is an all-inclusive engineering service provider. Meaning, we are equipped and capable to handle the many requirements and challenges of a civil engineering project. Under our civil engineering sector, we offer diverse services such as Construction & Related Jobs, Roller Shutters & Maintenance, Sliding Folding Doors & Maintenance, Sliding Gates & Maintenance, Water Proofing, Anti-termite Treatment, Supply Of Porta Cabins, Painting, Property Management, and Facilities Management. In addition to construction and related works, we also take care of services such as electrical, mechanical, and water treatment systems design and implementation. When you hire an all-inclusive service provider like us, you are saving a lot of time and money. Innovative International provides you access to a wide, diverse, and talented pool of engineers and managers trained in various professional disciplines, under a single roof. Innovative International has the capacity to handle any kind of civil engineering project, be it small to medium or large scale and private sector (residential, industrial/commercial) or government sector project.


Our MEP services category, short for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumping, is designed to empower residential or commercial environments with resources to enhance the experience of its occupants. These services include the design and implementation of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems that support day-to-day life within buildings. These services are highly technical in nature and require deep engineering knowledge and practical experience. At Innovative International, we establish a seamless collaboration between our engineering design team and manual workforce to create and install mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that are effective, efficient, and durable. As a responsible service provider, we take extra care to ensure the artificial environment we design are sustainable, long-lasting, and easy to care for. In addition to design and implementation, we also offer MEP maintenance services to enhance the functionality and improve the longevity of your MEP systems. All three of our Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing teams work in close association to ensure all systems installed are compatible with each other and do not cause any future issues. Our operational efficiency allows us to work with equal competency in a diverse range of environments ranging from residential buildings, commercial properties, schools, colleges, shopping centers, movie halls, to hospitals, nursing homes, and museums.


Our HVAC or Building Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning services are specifically designed, combining electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, to enhance the internal ambiance of commercial or residential buildings by making the inner environment fresh, safe, and Revitalizing. HVAC Services include engineering implementation solutions such as Natural and displacement ventilation, underfloor air distribution, Heating, Ventilation, and Smoke Control and Exhaust among others. Air Conditioning, Space Heating, and Mechanical Ventilation are crucial to ensure the normal and comfortable functioning of every environment where people live. These systems are interlinked and operate together to ensure the temperature and humidity within building environments remain under safe and comfortable levels. We are able to handle projects both commercial and residential/personal. Our workforce works with strict adherence to international quality and safety standards to ensure the work we do is top-quality and cost-effective. We utilize various modern engineering and project management methodologies to make sure you are provided with absolute value and quality. We are also committed to ensuring that each of our customers has a pleasant experience associating with us and to do so we give great attention to the specific demands of our every client.


Our Facility or Property Management services are designed to take the load of taking care of built environments off your shoulders. Our Facility Management services combine the expertise of diverse professional disciplines to ensure the health of built structures and the people living within them. Facility management services include everything from Plumbing and drainage, Lighting, Fire safety, Elevators and escalators, Maintenance of HVAC systems, Building maintenance, Energy and water management, to Space Management, Security, Recycling, Parking Lots, Housekeeping, Mail Management, Document Management, Information Systems, Furniture, Equipment, Waste Disposal, Pest Control, Ground Maintenance, and Landscaping. In addition to facility management, we also offer property management services that are of great benefit to rental properties in the real estate sector. Owning a rental property can be a great way to earn additional income, but handling it is not so easy. By hiring a professional property management firm like Innovative International, you can decrease your rental property problems and increase your returns. We handle everything from rental contract agreements, maintenance to accounting. Additional benefits of our property management services include high-quality tenants, fewer legal issues, shorter periods of vacancy, lower maintenance cost, long-term tenants and Increased value of the rental property.


Innovative International specializes in providing best-in-class engineering and technical services of any kind, be it electrical or mechanical. From design and implementation to maintenance of Engineering, Electrical, and Mechanical systems, you can rely on us for all kinds of technical solutions. Our competent, skilled, and professionally-trained engineers have the experience and the expertise that allows them to conduct effective and efficient technical work in various kinds of commercial or residential atmospheres. We blend scientific and engineering knowledge with talent and technologies to deliver technical solutions that complement your goals. Our methodological and careful approach to work allows us to offer cost-effective technical services.


Maintenance services are of crucial importance to all properties, be it commercial or residential. Maintenance services ensure that your facility keeps working at its best and is a healthy and safe place for people to work and/or live in. Maintenance services can be customized to save you a lot of money and time. In addition, regular maintenance can significantly increase the life expectancy of your assets and keep them providing you with maximum value. Moreover, besides financial, regular and effective maintenance is important from a safety point-of-view as well. As everyone wants their home or office to be a safe and reliable place. Keeping your property under regular maintenance may charge you some money, but it saves you from large scale expenses as big technical issues are resolved before they can arise. Innovative International takes a comprehensive approach to maintenance services and offers maintenance solutions for everything from electrical systems, mechanical systems, water treatment systems, to HVAC systems, concrete structures, and built environments. We understand that every Building is different and has different requirements. And therefore, our maintenance services are fully customized and can be tailored to match your specific requirements and budget scope.


Our HVAC and MEP design solution services are supported by a precise and detail-oriented approach to work and deep engineering expertise. We offer services such as MEP Design and Execution, Networking Solutions, Booster pump and sewage pump installation, High-speed doors & maintenance, Sectional overhead and garage doors & maintenance, Access control systems & maintenance, Traffic barriers, Supply and installation of HVAC systems, and Design of HVAC Systems, and Industrial fans. Our team of expert engineers works to ensure our HVAC and MEP design solutions establish an optimal balance between effectiveness, efficiency, affordability, reliability, durability, and aesthetics. Our approach to work entails first studying the built environment and understanding client needs then applying our knowledge, skills, and resources to produce results that match and surpass your expectations. HVAC and MEP design solutions include services concerning Temperature & Controls, Indoor Air Quality, Utilities, Humidification Control, and Heating & Chilled Water Systems among others.